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So what is it that I do?

As an art director, I think of a concept or a (design) idea for your tv show/ leader/ house style/ website etc. Sometimes I make a moodboard by which we define the look and feel we are going for. During the design proces I make sure everybody that works on the project uses the same design strategy.

As a motion graphics designer I make animations using graphics (I create in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop), pictures, 3d animations (made by my colleagues), audio fx, music and video. In Adobe After Effects I composite them all to one nice video file.

I also design print work; such as business cards, sationary, advertisements, wedding invitations and birth announcements. Or even beachflags and for sale signs.

And do I design website? Yes and no. I design them but I don’t build them. It’s the same in with 3D. I have colleagues that are much better at it, so I hire them to do it for you and supervise the proces.

Last but not least; I also teach. I’m an Adobe Certified Teacher in Adobe After Effects. I like to do this 101 or in a small group and teach you what you would like to know. So we design a course together.