• My first 3D animation

    My first 3D animation

  • Zwisterleven voor ARA

    Zwisterleven voor ARA

  • Bushpiloten


  • Nederland in Bed

    Nederland in Bed

    Klant MasMedia/ SBS

  • De Opvolgers

    De Opvolgers

  • Opiniemakers


    For WNL I made this leader. As a base -to cut costs- we used a video […]

  • Thuiswinkel Waarborgfonds Explainer

    Thuiswinkel Waarborgfonds Explainer

    For the Thuiswinkel Waarborgfonds I made an explainer, together with Caroline from Not Guilty Media. For illustrations […]

  • WNL ident design

    WNL ident design

  • Stand van het Land WNL

    Stand van het Land WNL

    A show full with infographics about the fact and figures behind the news. Currently working on […]

  • Virtual Affairs Seminar intro

    Virtual Affairs Seminar intro

    In 2016 I took an online character animation bootcamp by School of Motion. I love illustrations […]

  • De Reis van je Leven RTL4 2016

    De Reis van je Leven RTL4 2016

    A heavy project for the makers, because the show is about terminally ill people making a […]

  • Haagse Lobby WNL 2016

    Haagse Lobby WNL 2016

    For WNL, a start up dutch broadcaster, we developed a strategy to make simple fast leaders. […]

  • Omdat ik het zeg NTR 2016

    Omdat ik het zeg NTR 2016

    The opener, a bumper and for each family a custom designed title bar. A show, infotainment, […]

  • Van Alle Tijden NTR

    Van Alle Tijden NTR

    A quiz about history for the NTR. A wonderful project to work on. During the briefing […]

  • Studium Generale Universiteit Utrecht

    Studium Generale Universiteit Utrecht

    In 2015 I started working for the Studium Generale of the University of Utrecht. It’s a […]

  • AMC


    AMC is the biggest hospital in Amsterdam. For them I created this video to explain to […]

  • Universiteit van Amsterdam

    Universiteit van Amsterdam

    In 2015 I started to research together with the University of Amsterdam what their motion graphics […]

  • Landinwaarts


    Last year I redesigned the Landinwaarts broadcast design together with Willemijn. We were looking for the […]

  • De Grens Bereikt

    De Grens Bereikt

    A special live show made together by several broadcasters in the Netherlands for NPO1 about the […]

  • NTR De Kennis van Nu

    NTR De Kennis van Nu

    How does one make science approachable, fun and cool? And still look like a high quality […]

  • Re’Officed


    As a freelancer they always tell you the importance of networking, but I seem to find […]

  • Uitstel van Executie

    Uitstel van Executie

    Wisemonkeys offered me the assignment for restyling Uitstel van Executie, a succesful show on RTL4. Airing […]

  • De Hackers VPRO

    De Hackers VPRO

    Together with Ront design – he made the illustration of the 2 characters- and Shutterstock – […]

  • Zoals alleen Oma dat kan

    Zoals alleen Oma dat kan

    I show close to my heart, about Indonesian grandmother teaching their old recipes to their grandchildren. […]

  • de Grote & Kleine Geschiedenis Quiz

    de Grote & Kleine Geschiedenis Quiz

    For the dutch public television broadcaster NTR I designed and made this leader, mainly using Adobe […]

  • Ster Gouden Loeki

    Ster Gouden Loeki

    A dream come true to make motion graphics design for an award show. As close as […]

  • Op de Proef gesteld

    Op de Proef gesteld

    Op de Proef gesteld is a show about a famous tv presentor form Amsterdam and a […]

  • Poliservice infographics

    Poliservice infographics

    A series of how to- movies for Poliservice, a dutch consultancy for pension and insurances. They […]

  • Vegetable Garden Tube

    Vegetable Garden Tube

    Now working on a very exciting project; The Vertical Garden Tube. Not only am I designing […]

  • Cordaid Investing in Fragility

    Cordaid Investing in Fragility

    Caroline Meyer asked me to work on this project that already had quite a few versions. […]

  • huisstijl portretschilder Edwin van den Dikkenberg

    huisstijl portretschilder Edwin van den Dikkenberg

    Networking can be done very professionally but I seem to find a lot of clients in […]

  • Regio in aanbouw

    Regio in aanbouw

    Susanne Heering has this wonderful idea the bring together all kinds of parties that have to […]

  • MiniLodge


    Ever since I was young I had a favorite car: a Jeep with wood on the […]

  • Israël 65 jaar/ geliefd en gehaat

    Israël 65 jaar/ geliefd en gehaat

    Max, the network that primarily targets older generations made this small series of programs about Israel […]

  • corporate identity Caatjes Concept

    corporate identity Caatjes Concept

    Cathelijne is a client I picked up on the school playground. She is a great organizer […]

  • Knab bank for yune

    Knab bank for yune

    For Yune I’ve done the art direction for motion graphics for the Knab bank. Knab bank […]

  • De Wereld in Vogelvlucht

    De Wereld in Vogelvlucht

    De Wereld in Vogelvlucht (The World at a Glance) I made for the NTR. It is […]

  • 24 uur met….

    24 uur met….

    For Blazhoffski and the VPRO I adapt this leader. Not much honor in it because the […]

  • Rabobank Infographics

    Rabobank Infographics

    For the Rabobank I took over a project in which a new concept is explained to […]

  • Infographics Meldpunt

    Infographics Meldpunt

    For the past year or 2, I’ve been making a lot more of these little movies […]

  • Pro Deo

    Pro Deo

    This is project I did for Niehe Producties. I immediatly liked the idea of the show. […]

  • Een Wereld op Zee

    Een Wereld op Zee

    A leader made for Blazhoffksi in fall 2012. Een Wereld op Zee (a World at Sea) […]

  • BuurtMoestuin MOES32

    BuurtMoestuin MOES32

    Iets wat niks met design te maken heeft; sinds 28 maart 2012 ben ik de trotse […]

  • Lingo


    I was SO honored when max from IDtv asked me to do the restyle for Lingo. […]

  • Urgert & Van Deudekom Met de kennis van nu

    Urgert & Van Deudekom Met de kennis van nu

    For the NTR I had the pleasure of making a design for this show that is […]

  • Airport


    This is one of my favorite leaders I ever made, but it was never used. It […]

  • Missie Max 2011

    Missie Max 2011

    december 2011 In 2009 I worked on Missie Max for the first time. It’s a big […]

  • StadsOase


    A small part of a show for our local network, on a subject very close to […]

  • Aanpakkers for NTR

    Aanpakkers for NTR

    A great project for the NTR. It’s a show made by Frans Bromet. He takes a […]

  • Rosenberg Van Leusen makelaars

    Rosenberg Van Leusen makelaars

    For Rosenberg Van Leusden real estate agents I designed a house style. They are a new […]

  • Aanbouw for AT5

    Aanbouw for AT5

    a show about architecture in Amsterdam for the amsterdam local tv station. The look I was […]

  • Het Perfecte Plaatje

    Het Perfecte Plaatje

    This show was about the perfect picture. The dutch audience was asked by Yolanthe Sneijder Cabau […]

  • Alles kan een mens gelukkig maken for AT5

    Alles kan een mens gelukkig maken for AT5

    For the local Amsterdam tv network (where I started my first job) I made this pretty […]

  • Imperium


    Lucio called me to ask if I wanted to participate in making a pilot of a […]





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