Let me tell you about our process, so you know what to expect.

By asking a lot of questions I try to find out what we are going to make and why.
Who are we making it for? What kind of feeling should the animation/design leave behind? How will we know if the design is successful?
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Making an estimate
I make an estimate partly based on an hourly fixed rate and partly on extra services (like giving project files so client can make changes). If there is a small budget, we can look at how we can accommodate that (maybe less revisions, or buying stock). We make a time frame for when the project is finished and all hours are spend. As for extra request everything is possible, it just costs more money.

My interpretation of ‘modern’ could be totally different from yours. To help me understand what mood you are looking for I visualise the terms you mentioned in your briefing on a moodpboard. A mood board is a type of collage consisting of images, text, colours, brands and samples that can give you a general idea of what the design will look like.

Logo design
With the outcome of the moodboards and your briefing in mind I create 3 or more logo’s. After feedback about colours, letter type and the different designs, we create the final logo.

Design Boards
In this fase I will design 2 or 3 design boards. Those are still images from the final animation in which you can see colours, images and what the logo will look like used on a background.
Now to go forward we will need music to time the animation (preferably cut to preferred length). If we use video, I can provide a (visual) shot list of shots I envision or you provide me with what is already there. When we have a voice over or a script, these have to finished before we start the next step; animating.

Now I gather all my ingredients, the video, the music, the voice over, the graphics and textures I used in the design boards, the colours, the font and the logo to brew my final work; the animation.
And all else that you would like. Bumpers, title bars, background loops for the set, banners for the website, icons for social media, we have probably already discussed it in the briefing. If something else comes up, no problem, we’ll check how much it costs and if we can make some extra time to make it.

You can see it as backing a cake. In the end the computer has to make a video of all those layers of graphics and video and bake it into one cake. We call baking ‘rendering’.
For each media you have different cakes, we call those codecs. A technical proces but an important to get you the files you need. Good to know in advance what you need so we can provide you with the best quality.





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